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How to pay with bitcoin?

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  • How to pay with bitcoin?

    IMPORTANT: You don't need a bitcoin wallet and it is not mandatory to deal or hold bitcoins to pay on any of our websites BUT YOU MUST SEND YOUR PAYMENT TO THE BITCOIN ADDRESS (WALLET) PROVIDED ON OUR WEBSITE. You can pay us through many ways including but not limited to:

    1) Visa, MasterCard & Bank Accounts:

    Some banks block bitcoin purchases using credit cards, if you are affected by this please try using your debit card or linking your bank account.

    From USA, Canada or PR: is almost like paypal but much more secure and private, they let you pay us using your credit card, bank account or paypal account. While paying with coinbase select the bitcoin option in our website and you will save up to a 33.33% of your payment but coinbase only works from USA, Canada & Puerto Rico.

    Coinbase Tutorial HERE

    From Mexico: very user friendly and provide all features mentioned with but this site is only availabe for Mexico residents and allow more ways to get bitcoins like for example Oxxo deposits and more.

    Worldwide* (Only Visa & MasterCard):

    The following gateways allow you to send us bitcoins directly using your credit or debit cards but have some limitations like for example they require ID and phone verification from some countries to make sure you are the real owner of the card and to prevent frauds because bitcoin transactions can't be reversed and from the USA they doesn't accept cards from Bank of America or from residents these states New York, New Mexico, Connecticut, Hawaii, Georgia or Washington:

    CoinGate: Tutorial HERE

    Indacoin (Doesn't work in USA): Tutorial HERE

    Always access them from our website because we have all set to cover the exchange fees if you go with them directly you will end up paying +25% more.

    2) ATM, Cash & Debit Card:

    ATM Worldwide*:

    You can send us bitcoins using cash through any local bitcoin ATM machine, just select the ATM option from our website and FIND A BITCOIN ATM HERE

    Bitcoin ATM tutorial #1 CLICK HERE

    Bitcoin ATM tutorial #2 CLICK HERE

    For more ATM machines tutorials please CLICK HERE

    Basically you just have to scan the QR code shown on our website into the machine scanner and send the amount of money also especified in our website. Our website provide the amount of money that you should send in your local currency and you can also change it using the currencies list.

    LibertyX - Cash and Debit Cards (US ONLY):

    With LibertyX you can buy bitcoins and make your payment using the ATM section in our website, using cash or debit card without verification*. Once you have purchased the bitcoins through any of their stores make sure to send your payment (bitcoins) to the bitcoin address provided in our website.

    Find LibertyX Store

    LibertyX Tutorial

    *For payments of $200 or more they have some verification process that includes but is not limited to your phone number, government ID and address.

    3) Bank Deposit, WU, MoneyGram, e-Transfer & Others:

    As this is a bitcoin directly payment.

    The following website is an escrow system that allow you to buy bitcoins from local dealers through tens of ways so you can pickup the easiest and fastest one for you. The only thing to note here is that you will get your bitcoins in a wallet provided by them so you will have to send those bitcoins to our wallet in order to complete your payment, BEFORE you buy anything go to our website select the bitcoin option copy the order number, the bitcoin address and bitcoin amount that you must send and then visit:

    Buy and sell bitcoins near you. Fast, easy and private.

    With Paxful, you can buy Bitcoin from trusted vendors anytime, from anywhere in the world. Enjoy low transaction fees and 350+ payment methods.

    To get those bitcoins.

    4) Directly with Bitcoins:

    If you already have bitcoins or know how to get them just go to our website, select the bitcoin option, copy the order number, the bitcoin address and the bitcoin amount that you must send. From your wallet application select Send or Withdrawal and enter the info you just copied, make sure to enter our bitcoin address properly or your money will be lost.

    If your wallet application support QR code, then you just have to scan the QR code shown on our website and it will automatically copy our bitcoin address.

    5) For more information visit the following site:

    Learn how to buy bitcoin globally, the best exchanges, Bitcoin wallets & hardware wallets. Plus Bitcoin statistics, reviews and news.

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    very very good information. thanks
    All information provided is for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk.


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      can I pay on the website ?


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        I want to pay for a new donation. I get to the point ,we have sent a verification code. I only have one device, which is my computer. As soon as I go to my inbox I loose all my previous input. How can I pay for a new donation. Please help


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          Originally posted by Opa
          I want to pay for a new donation. I get to the point ,we have sent a verification code. I only have one device, which is my computer. As soon as I go to my inbox I loose all my previous input. How can I pay for a new donation. Please help
          Use the payment form below and select the payment method that you prefer.

          Order IPTV Services for Mag254, AVOV, Android TV. The best price of the market make your order using your Visa / MasterCard credit card


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            I received a message from iptvnumbers that my donation is been assigned but my STB is blocked I enter the Iptv portal they send me but my STB still blocked


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              I have another Iptv suscripción with different company and my service was active in 30 minutes after I ordered never had problem only with Iptvnumbers every years is the same


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                Private message me with your donation number and I will get it reset asap


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                  is their a way I can buy your service the old way with my Debit card with out doing Bit coin. I sorry it looks hard for me to do all the things to get payment to you using that method.