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BuzzTV XR4500 XRS4500 - some setup instruction

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  • BuzzTV XR4500 XRS4500 - some setup instruction

    c and p thanks to crazed

    Once you power-up the 4500 for the first time, it will want you to pair the Bluetooth Remote (BT-100)
    Follow the on-screen directions to pair your Bluetooth RCU.
    Directions are also included in the User Manual and also can be seen on the back of the RCU

    The RCU will stay in IR mode if for some reason the Pairing was not successful. If the Pairing does not seem to be going to work, you can press the Back button to exit the Pairing process and then your RCU will work in IR mode from here on in till you later re-try to Pair it.

    To at some time later, check if the Pairing did or did not work...
    Open Settings > Remotes & Accessory .. next you will see either one or two options.
    Add Accessory & BuzzTV BT-100
    If the BuzzTV BT-100 option is not shown there, then it did not Pair successfully.
    But if you do see the BT-100 option shown there, then your BT-100 did Pair successfully.

    You can also elect to un-Pair the BT-100 here as well.
    And at anytime Pair it back here as well, thru 'Add Accessory' option.

    After you go thru the 'initial' Pairing process or elect to stay with IR ...
    -Select Language by Country
    -Screen Size
    -Configure Network (enter WiFi Setup or connect an Ethernet line).

    After Network has been connected, there will be a message onscreen indicating it is looking for new Updates.
    These Updates will be a BuzzTV4 update(s) and/or BuzzTV Firmware update(s). So let the updates proceed.

    Next thing we may want to is connect to our Server if elected to have one.
    Launcher screen > Server Settings > Sever Line > Add Server.

    Enter thru the onscreen Keyboard (KB) a favorite name to name your Portal. It can be any name you want, keep it short and sweet.
    After the name has been entered, either press the Back button on your RCU and scroll down to the next slot and then press enter again to bring up the KB.
    Or that blueish greenish colored key on the KB brings you to the next slot as well.
    The Portal URL is next to be entered and you will notice that the BuzzTV4 app already has the http:// prefix entered for you, so follow that up with your server URL.
    Next we would leave the User Credentials box un-checked and scroll down to Connect, but do not press on it yet.
    First thing we need to do is visit the Server website and log onto your code and enter the MAC ID onto your code.
    The MAC ID you want is shown as 'Server ID' and is seen in the top right hand corner of that same onscreen Server setup menu.
    There will be two MAC Addresses/IDs shown there.
    Top one is shown as the MAC Address and bottom one is shown as the Server ID
    The one to add to the server is the Server ID
    You will notice that both of those end with the same 6 digits , while the first 6 digits are different.
    The Server ID starts with 00:1a:79 and is the correct one you want to attach to your code at the website.
    Once that is attached, then select the Connect option on that onscreen menu.
    Add multiple servers if wanted.

    There are two other ways to Add and connect to a server, which makes 3 in total seen in this Server Settings menu.
    -Add Server --discussed above. Add multiple servers if wanted.
    -Add Streaming Line --add credentials to link to a subscribed streaming service. Add multiple servers if wanted.
    -Add M3U Playlist -- add .m3u playlist or connect to server thru a Playlist portal. Add multiple servers if wanted.

    While still in the Server Settings, select the Menu button on the RCU and a side-bar Personal Settings menu will appear.
    Here you can see a few things.
    BuzzTV4 app version and date of that version update will be seen here.
    Look at the very bottom and it will show something like --> Version 4.0.437 Updated:03/19/2020
    Also in the Configuration sub-menu can be seen the Video Player option (for VOD) and a 'Start on Boot' option.

    Your Launcher screen can be accessed by exiting LiveTV either by the Exit button seen in that side-bar menu or the Home button on the RCU
    The Home screen is the Launcher screen.
    The LiveTV EPG Guide access button is seen there on the RCU beside the Home button as well.
    The VOD access can be done thru Launcher screen or thru the VOD RCU button.

    Press the Back button twice will exit VOD and back to LiveTV and press Back button twice again and will be taken to the Launcher screen.

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    I have checked after following instructions and the bt-100 is recognized. I can't get the cursor to follow the StaticMouse button and movement is possible only with the arrow kets, which get lost! What am I doing wrong?


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      Iptv set up for xrs4500 buzz tv box version 5.0.642