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  • Firmware Update

    Firmware Version : 2.8.70 or 1.2.70 BETA (Device dependent)
    DOL : 1.9.70 BETA

    WARNING: Install and use at your own risk. Software cannot be rolled back after installation.

    Firmware Version : 2.8.70 or 1.2.70 BETA (Device dependent)
    [SYSTEM] FIX: Internal WLAN dropping issue
    [SYSTEM] FIX: Display Resolution button doesn't show resolution selection window
    [SYSTEM] IMP: Display resolution selection window only shows compatible resolutions
    [SYSTEM] FIX: System software update hangs when system memory is full
    [SYSTEM] IMP: Improved front panel boot-up LED sequence
    [SYSTEM] FIX: Android Location Services

    DOL : 1.9.70 BETA
    [DOL] FIX: Radio channel streaming issue on certain portals
    [DOL] IMP: Increased refresh rate of detailed stream info
    [DOL] FIX: Episode playback issue on certain portals
    [DOL] FIX: Crashing issue when switching portals
    [DOL] FIX: Favorite list changes if m3u list is updated
    [DOL] FIX: Page scrolling issue in TV Series section
    [DOL] FIX: xmltv EPG parsing issue
    [DOL] FIX: Cell overlap issue in Program Guide
    [DOL] FIX: HLS VOD playback issue
    [DOL] FIX: Recording stops if stream buffers
    [DOL] FIX: m3u channel parsing issue
    [DOL] FIX: TV Series playback/seek issue
    [DOL] FIX: Favorite channels disappear when using Xtream Codes API
    [DOL] FIX: Freeview HD EPG display issue when using USB DVB-T tuner
    [DOL] FIX: Timeshift file is created on USB even if Timeshift is set to OFF

    Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

    Known Issues: Duration incorrectly displayed during catchup playback

  • #2

    [17.05.19 03:15]
    Official hotfix for MYTVOnline 1 has been released.
    Optional Cumulative Hotfix for DOL/MOL : 1.9.75

    Change Log

    FIX: Software Update Loop
    FIX: Favorite channels not working on certain XC portals
    FIX: Mini Market not accessible if no portals are installed (Nano)
    FIX: HLS streams don't auto-recover after network instability