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Dreamlink T3 - Initial Setup

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  • Dreamlink T3 - Initial Setup

    Connect the supplied WiFi antenna to the threaded connection at the rear of the receiver.
    Upon start up will be your basic setup for the device... language, time and zone settings, WiFi, Ethernet and screen fit.
    Once finished, a screen will appear briefly showing the T3's Home Screen or Launcher Screen. Then next you will see a Software Update screen, with it showing the current Firmware and with new T3s, they probably will not yet have a IPTV Version onboard (MOL2 version).

    -this new Dreamlink T3 I have here, shows as follows...
    Current Firmware Version: v1.4.10
    Current IPTV Version: Not Installed

    If you have already connected the WiFi or Ethernet in the initial basic setup, then we can proceed to the T3's first update.
    If you have not setup the internet networking connection yet, then do that now.

    For Ethernet connection.
    Exit out of that Update screen and you will be back on the Launcher screen.
    Scroll page down to 'Settings'.
    In Settings the Network option is first option. In here it will show available WiFi connections and scroll down and you will see 'Ethernet'
    Open that and ensure it is set to DHCP and then exit out. Connect your Ethernet cable to the T3.
    You may have to reboot the T3 for the DHCP to pick up the networking IPs. This setup I performed here, I did not need to reboot, the DHCP setting picked up the IP fine without a reboot.
    To view if the IP was 'picked up', go back to
    Launcher > Settings > Network and scroll down to Ethernet area and the Connected option should show the networking IP and shown as Connected.
    Connecting with Static as opposed to DHCP, would entail you to manually enter the networking IP, as you have assigned it thru your router.

    Connecting to WiFi is done here as well.
    Launcher > Settings > Network
    Connect the supplied WiFi antenna to the threaded connection at the rear of the receiver.

    First Update:
    Okay once you have a connection, go back to Launcher and find the Software Update shortcut.
    Open that and you will now see the new update here waiting for you.
    The New Update will be highlighted in blue.
    New Firmware Version: v1.4.14 (r18946)
    New IPTV Version: v7.1.1
    'OK' to start the installation.

    Before you do this update, scroll page down to read all release notes. these release notes can be accessed at a later time as well.

    After the Software update installation completes the receiver will reboot.
    Once the receiver fully boots back up and te Launcher screen appears, re-enter the Software Update and it should do a quick update to v2.0.4
    That update will happen very fast. The update has nothing to do with Firmware or IPTV version. It is an update for the Update app itself. It will happen very fast.
    Now on the Update menu, you should now see the new Software shown as current and an added System description will show as 'Dreamlink T3'
    Your System Info will also show the current Software/Firmware version ... Launcher > System Info > S/W Version

    That's it for our T3's basic initial setup.
    There are many other things that can be setup or adjusted with your T3, so explore them shortcuts and menus.

    The MOL2 app is your IPTV server application.
    Your IPTV MAC will show on the underside of the receiver and labeled as 'ID'
    There are two MACs shown there so do not confuse them.
    The IPTV 'ID' mac starts with 00:1a:79:xx:xx:xx
    This same MAC can be found on-screen in the opened MOL2
    All information provided is for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk.

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    Why I get an update info error when I try to update the software