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Dreamlink T3 - Install APK

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  • Dreamlink T3 - Install APK

    You would need the .apk fie or files of your choosing and with them transferred onto a USB storage device.
    The T3 will not recognize these files unless they are in a folder named as 'apks'
    So create a folder and name it apks
    Caps do not seem to matter in this case, upper-case or lower-case should work, while lower case are always the best to use, they always work.
    Transfer all your apk files into that apks folder and insert USB into your T3.
    First thing you should see is a screen come up that will allow you load all or any number of apk files right from this first screen. If the folder was not named correctly, then you would not see this first screen.
    So simple choose which you want loaded and then high-light the OK option and they will load one at a time for you. Let them load.
    You will see a small message at the bottom of the screen reporting the progress.

    There is of course the old fashion way to load apk files and that is thru your File Manager which can be found on your main Launcher screen.
    That method also needs the apk files in a named folder or the T3 will not recognize any of them.
    File Manager > Store > sda1 > apks .... and then choose your apk to install.

    All installed apks will show as app shortcuts on your main Launcher screen.

    To remove Apps from your system...
    Settings > Apps > Choose the App > Uninstall
    All information provided is for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk.