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Dreamlink T3 - Launcher Screen Settings

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  • Dreamlink T3 - Launcher Screen Settings

    our Main Launcher screen has one category named as 'Apps'
    The apps category holds shortcuts for all your installed apps.
    We can arrange these Apps and add categories as well.

    Open the Launcher Settings (found on main Launcher screen).
    The first option we see is "App Groups", open that.

    Next we see three options...
    default A
    default B

    Open default A
    The Activation light may already be shown as ON, but do turn this on if not already.

    Then we see two other options...
    -Select Apps

    What we are doing here is creating a category and adding content to it and that will be seen on main Launcher screen.
    So before we 'Rename' it, might be good idea to first choose what apps will be included.
    So open the 'Select Apps'
    You will be taken to a list of the apps that have been have installed on the T3
    Choose any app or number of apps and that is what will go into this category. They will show up in the same order as you select them, so select them in the order you want to see them.
    If you choose all the players you had installed then now we can Rename that to Players, of if File Managers, then rename accordingly , easy peasy.
    Then proceed to the next option... default B and do the same with another category you want and add the apps to it as well.
    Exit all the way back to Launcher screen to view your changes. Exiting out also saves your changes.

    If you added an app in the wrong order, and want to fix that, you would have to first delete all the apps from that category and then add them all again, but this time in the correct order.

    Turning Activation OFF keeps your changes but they will not be seen on Launcher screen, All apps will be seen back in that main Apps category as like they were before you started this.
    Turn Activation back on and then changes will again be seen.

    The Locker category is for any Apps that you may want hidden on the Launcher screen and accessible by password only (default password is four zeros --> 0000).

    Shown on the Main Launcher screen is also a category named as Quick Settings.
    You can remove/hide and restore this category in the 'Parental option, which is also found in the Launcher Settings.
    Password should be 0000
    When using the on-screen keypad, use the right hand arrow key to save and exit. that is the key just below the 'back' key.

    Also found in Launcher Settings is an option to choose what App if any, that you want to startup automatically when you turn on your T3
    All information provided is for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk.

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    You can still use url portal like mag box correct? My next box upgrade i want to go to dreamlink t3


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      yes just have to change your mac address to the dreamlink when you decide to get one


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        thats correct. top class box from top class brand and support team.
        All information provided is for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk.


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          Thanks moose..n if i stay at hotel for week can i use box there if in different if i was in new york n went to california for week or so??


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            yes you can use anywhere in the country. once you move to different country thats where you have to change with your donation.
            All information provided is for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk.