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Dreamlink T3 - Remote Control Learning Mode

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  • Dreamlink T3 - Remote Control Learning Mode

    These steps are outlined and seen on the back side of your remote control unit. But if you have used the RCU for any length of time, them directions may be fading and so here we have them.

    1. With the STB's RCU, press and hold the TV key for 5 seconds. This will initiate the RCU's learning mode.
    You should see the LED light start blinking and then become a solid light. The RCU will now be in Learning mode.

    2. Start with the TV power key.
    Press the key to be programmed (TV key) and the LED light should start blinking slowly. The chosen key is now ready to be programed.

    3. Aim your TV's RCU towards the front of the STB RCU (the distance between the two remotes should not be less then 3 cm).
    The LED should still be blinking slowly.
    On the TV's RCU, press the key we want programed (the TV/Power key in this case). If everything went correctly, the LED will flash 3 times, and after which it will be programed and ready to use once you have exited the Learning Mode.

    Repeat steps 2 & 3 for all other keys.
    Exit Learning Mode by press any other key and the LED light should turn off.
    All information provided is for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk.