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  • unblock file use at own risk

    here it is guys.
    Use at own Risk !!!

    Thr0wawayicus is a software developer by day

    C/P from Thr0wawayicus

    "It definitely only came in the most recent firmware builds they released late last year - the browser app is definitely phoning home.
    Older firmwares are fine - but newer MAGs that don't have an older working version will need a patch, until I find a URL that triggers the block I can't test properly, so I can't be 100% certain that I can make a working patch.
    It would be very nice to defeat their brand new anti-piracy campaign within a month of them launching it."

    "I got a couple of portals sent to me this morning - and I've started testing. It's 100% only in the firmware they released for all their boxes in the second half of last year and uses a combination of phoning home + a local list in case it can't reach the authorization server."

    "Breaking the connection to Infomir shouldn't be too bad, but I'll need to find a good spot to insert a command to purge the local list during bootup + package it into a firmware for each model that affected users can flash (and test to make sure I don't break anything else in the process.)"

    The basic instructions for building your own firmware are on the Infomir Wiki

    To edit the hosts file (/etc/hosts) add the following line: (replace mag324 with the correct model for you)
    ideally designed to be done as part of the process of compiling a custom firmware. If you want to do it directly on the box then you can access it using an SSH client (such as PuTTY)

    You connect to the IP of your box using your SSH client with the following details:
    Login: root
    Password: 930920

    Infomir's factory images disable SSH, so if you can't connect then you'll need to flash your box with a firmware from:

    Browse to the page for your specific model of box, and download the file named "imageupdate"

    Formatted Storage Drive (USB Stick) as FAT32.
    MAG254 and earlier can be picky about which sticks they recognize, you may need to try a few - don't use USB3.0 sticks.
    Or use the wifi USB port if having USB recognition issues, if that port is available on your Mag model.

    Place that file on a USB stick in a folder named after your box model (eg mag256) and then reboot your box while holding down the menu key on the remote.
    This will take you into the setup menu

    Select Upgrade Tools
    Select Upgrade from USB

    That should flash your box with a firmware that allows console access.

    Once you get in via SSH, run the following commands to do a quick and dirty patch:

    echo >> /etc/hosts rm /mnt/Userfs/data/dls.backup reboot && exit
    Obviously as in the instructions above, replace mag256 with whatever model of mag you have. This isn't (in my opinion) as good of an option as a custom firmware since it won't auto-purge the cache if it somehow comes back, or block automatic updates (so make sure you disable automatic updates yourself BEFORE you take the box online after flashing it)

    Custom firmware is ready to download and use
    Will preserve portal settings, but disables the block and prevents any remote updates from Infomir's servers.
    None of this actually breaks any license agreement, and is all done with tools/files they've released specifically for end users to use.


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    Loading is easy enough.
    From the file, grab the file folder which coincides with your mag box (mag254 or mag322 or etc). Transfer it to your FAT32 (or xFat) USB stick. It should be in a folder labeled as mag254 or whatever your box designation is. Inside that folder is a bootstrap file and an image file.
    Leave them both in that folder and with that folder on your USB storage drive insert into the Mag, pull the power cord,disconnect.
    Then while pressing and holding the menu button on your remote control, reattach power and let it boot into the setup menu.
    -Select Upgrade Tools
    -Select Upgrade from USB (bootstrap)

    It will take just a few minutes to fully load. This does not erase your server setups.
    Onscreen prompts will tell you progress.
    Once it is loaded you can check in the Settings menu and in Device info.
    It will show NOBLOCK_254 as part of the image description.

    Working like a champ !

    credit to

    Models include:
    * some mag models will not have the Bootstrap included as a separate 'file' in that folder.
    That is okay, just ensure you transfer the correct folder onto USB device.