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"STB is Blocked" - Frustrated & Lost

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  • "STB is Blocked" - Frustrated & Lost

    STILL NOT WORKING – worked ONCE in each format and then stopped, started working Friday and continued Saturday with MAG 254 after emailing support on Thursday. They then emailed me back this morning that " I made maintenance in your donation number"
    and will not work at all now... again

    This was a new 'second' donation to start on the 20th of April

    - I was using the Smart Stb app on my Samsung smart TV .... (Smart STB app with a virtual MAC) worked a short time, 1/2 hour or so and then “STB is Blocked”. It is a paid app as I ran out of trial time trying to get it to work.

    - had it working once with Kokaleka app on my Android box (until I tried changing channel after about 4 hours) and then would not work “account invalid or expired error”

    - tried MAG254 box for about 4 hours and then “STB is Blocked” ... after contacting support Thursday it worked for the last 2 days but now "STB is blocked" (see start of message)

    Have been emailing with support almost every other day and still not being resolved. Have reset everything numerous times. Just frustrated and lost on what to do now.

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    I would toss the mag unit in the garbage and get a dreamlink t2 or t3 the mag units are just garbage anymore


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      The 1st donation is running fine on the mag ... I tried the other options first and the mag was my last resort of what I have


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        With the blocking on the mag units the coders that make the device and firmware have put a blocker in it that's the main reason why they get blocked then we reset it then it gets blocked over and over again just my opinion I would sell it and get a dreamlink products