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Cannot Enter Necessary Portal Information

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  • Cannot Enter Necessary Portal Information

    Cannot Enter Necessary Portal Info

    Cannot enter portal information on screen.
    On the screen that is headed at top with settings icon-servers-portals, it is
    followed with slots to enter portal, name,url for the portals.

    When trying to enter information in either the portal name or portal URL information
    slot I am not able to do so. Even after depressing the KB (keyboard) button on
    the remote, nothing happens. Usually when I enter a slot and depress the KB button ,
    the slot color changes , but now nothing happens. Can anyone suggest what I should do?
    PS: I did do a factory reset and was able to enter POOL information using the KB button.

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    try rebooting your device and press and hold down the menu button on the remote a blue screen should pop up saying bios go down to where it says factory reset and push ok