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    Well I'm not sure whats going on but I'm not exactly new at this I been around the corner a few times and this is the second time that I can recall the server being down i mean really down. every body says its up but thats because there looking at something else. I can go on and say whats what and who the list is long with many emails in my pocket.there are a few guys I dealt with who got me started in this bad habit going back when iks was the real shit. but even then you could get in touch with those who run the show Not anymore thats the facts. these days you get a computer automatic responds we'll get back to you.high and might full of hot air they forgotten how to keep the ball rolling thus here we are not one word whats going on soon there won't be any new emails in anybody's pocket.

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    you do get updates in announcement section once in a while and whenever is needed.
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      We have access to the admins via Skype and email


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        Simple thing promised over year ago hasnt been put into action server status icon would help alot.