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    Got a new donation 2 days ago but I still get STB BLOCKED . I still had 3 days before my other donation expires. They tell me my Mac address can't be put on my new donation don't understand I have used the same Mac for the last 3 or 4 years. I have a Mag254 and it was working just fine until I got my new numbers. the Mag has the mac address on the bottom of the unit that you are to use. I guess I should have let the old donation run out before I got the new one. any help would be great or just wait for the other one to run out in 3 days thanks.

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    only one Mac can be attached to one donation at a time. you can not attach 1 Mac to 2 or more donations. yes its best to let expire first donation or if you have android device just download m3u file or use kokaleka app with new donation.
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