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  • Highly Pissed Off

    I have been trying to get this to work since 8 am and I still have no help or no solutions to get this working!!!

    I had to google the instructions and I am stock on STB is blocked and I have followed the steps and still no service so how do I get a refund

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    this is the first i am hearing anything from you in regards to stb block ---first thing what device are you using and have you linked the mac address and set the country lock to the country your living in ?


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      I am using a Samsung, I have linked the Mac Address, and I have set the country

      I am also confused about whether or not I have to buy and additional subscription from Smart-STB

      This is my first time on here but I have been emailing
      yerick (iptvnumbers)
      every hour almost

      I bought 4 donations and I have not been able to set up even one so far.


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        Oh ok hes the admin can you install vlc player on your samsung tv


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          At this point, I just want a refund as this has scared me completely off! I will just stick with my current IPTV provider.

          Please refund my money or point me in the right direct to start the process.


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            Ok you will have to email yerick or vtoor you can private message vtoor just click on his name and the private message option will pop up I cant help you with refunds I only look after the forums sorry


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