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    what is wrong with some of the news channels, try 206 fox Bus, black or no sound change 205 fox news might come in then goes out. change to another channel like 106,342and others all black screen . shut down box reboot channels back up. I have a Mag is anyone else having this problem?

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    Dear IPTV Numbers
    My remaining Customers are asking at the very least for a restoration time on channels that are rewinding/repeating/looping/...I am tempted to upload the video for clarity should you have difficulty in understanding the core of my issue. If there is no timeline for restoration, then it is only fair for them to discontinue service as the others did. I am sure you would agree. Note that my competitors do not experience these issues for prolonged periods without timelines....... LMN, BET, kids' channels to name a few that are problematic. I am anticipating a favourable response from you that will result in making the customers happy and prevent them from terminating the service in large numbers.
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      Your customers do relize that there is a world wide pandemic going on ! Some of the channels might be out of iptvnumbers control they are doing the best they can considering what's going on in the world today !! Be patient that's all I can tell you !