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Pls: Its time to imporve this service or equipment

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  • Pls: Its time to imporve this service or equipment


    8101 CBS New Yorks: looping and rewinding seem to be the main issue that plagues this service....the individual that complained has a firestick and has resorted to that as an alternative..It would not be long before they dump the service of IPTV numbers..

    I hope improvement is coming fast...

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    Conversation with the individual who complained: They are ready to give up this service

    [6:06 PM, 9/30/2020] Natoya: Hi there, when will you be able to fix the constant repeating and cutting?
    [6:06 PM, 9/30/2020] Bitstreampro: I sent in an email and the techs are looking at it.

    People are comparing your service to free apps that don't have this issue...

    I hope solutions will be found asap.
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      i wish i had a answer for you but i dont except they will fix it asap


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        [10:05 AM, 10/3/2020] Lennox: Good morning. I’m presently experiencing a voice delay. Looking at CNN
        [10:07 AM, 10/3/2020] Lennox: Sorry, voice is ahead of the picture
        [10:08 AM, 10/3/2020] Bitstreampro: Hi, Good Morning Lennox
        [10:08 AM, 10/3/2020] Bitstreampro: Try to restart the box, I want to see if that will resolve it

        It's not that the channel is not playing but if people have to report on this frequently they will move on to something that is very stable. This is my main worry!..It has to be worth the savings for them to stay.
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          I am watching cnn right and have been since 5 am and it is working perfect


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            Seems to be working now...Thanks