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  • Prog TV Setup

    First we need the Playlist URL and the EPG URL
    • When you retrieve a Generic m3u Playlist (with options) form the website, at the same time copy the URL (with mouse function, highlight the full URL of the Playlist and right click on that and choose Copy).
    • Then on your PC desktop, create a new txt doc (with notepad), name it something simple, like ....m3u_epg_URLs
    • Open it and Paste that copied Playlist URL there.
    • Then also paste your EPG URL into your new text wordpad doc as well.
    • Take that doc after saved and closed, and transfer to USB drive.
    • Insert drive into your receiver.

    Now when you enter progtv and want to add the Client Playlist, simply scroll to the Playlist empty line and depress the OK function with the RCU or click on the line with your mouse (click just above the line or just off to the side is correct).

    This brings up a context menu with some choices.
    If you choose 'Select file' , you will eventually find the USB drive, but that takes you the long way. So instead choose 'From text file"
    You should now see the .txt file that you named. Or you may have to follow the path to it for the initial time (nmt or storage should take you there)

    Click it and both m3u and epg URL that you put there will now show.
    Choose the Playlist URL now and then do the same for the EPG line.

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    Can you explain more about prog tv?? Is it for like raspberry pi and asus tinkerboard? Also 2:49pm est friday may3 .many channels are stuttering bad kinda annoying idk if server issues or cloudflare dns issue or isp issue.