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How To Setup IPTV within TiviMate

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  • How To Setup IPTV within TiviMate

    How To Setup IPTV within TiviMate

    After app installation is complete, we can open the app and authorize an IPTV Service for use.

    NOTE: Initializing an IPTV Service within TiviMate requires an M3U URL. This can usually be found in the donation checker.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: We have found that setup within TiviMate will not work if your VPN is turned On. Make sure to turn your VPN OFF prior to integrating your IPTV Service within this app.

    Follow the steps below to integrate IPTV Service in TiviMate:

    1. Open TiviMate App and click Add Playlist

    2. Click Enter URL

    3. Enter provided M3U URL use the donation checker to get the M3u list with options.

    4. Click Next.

    5. Wait for Channels to insert.

    6. You will then see Playlist is processed message with Channel count and your Playlist name. Click Next.

    7. We will now insert TV Guide. Choose Enter URL.

    8. Type the EPG M3U URL ( for your TV Guide.

    9. Click Done.

    10. TV Guide will import and you are able to start viewing!

    It is important to note that many of the features within TiviMate are not available for those who choose to use the free service.

    For example, if you try adding a channel or channels to favorites you will be prompted with the following message:

    For those who wish to use the free version, simply click Cancel and continue with the TiviMate App.